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Dallas – The Pylon tournament was filled with great athletes. Some of who caught the eye of many in attendance and myself. A lot of these players you will know and some you should know. We have a list loaded with talented guys. These are the guys that fill up the stadiums and sell out tickets. The wide receivers—here’s a look at some of the top guys.





Aiden Insta-Rodriquez |5-8 DB/WR | Brandeis|  FVII Front Seven

Aiden is always flying around the field making plays. Where he lacks in height he makes up for in his play. He has an amazing vertical and can climb the latter to make a play on the ball. At receiver, he runs good clean routes and is sneaky fast at getting open. At DB he can trail receivers and make plays on passes. He’s been consistently good at these tournaments and is raising his stock.



Jack Stewart |6-4 WR| East Central  | FVII Front Seven

Huge hidden gem at the wideout position. This receiver is big fast and can score in a hurry. Runs good routes, has quick feet at LOS, and can high point the ball with his amazing vertical. Basketball player, only been playing football for two years but if you watch his tape you will be impressed. The athleticism translates from the court to the gridiron. FBS/FCS level prospect.


Sidney Mbanasor (22) | 6-6 WR | Pflugerville |  Juice

Another hidden gem. Unfortunately had to sit out last year so not a lot of tape on this guy. But from what I saw out there on the field. With a little work, this guy can be a big-time FBS/FCS level prospect. He’s 6-6 and moves very well for his size, he’s a match-up nightmare in the end zone. Just toss it up and let him go get it. Should put out some impressive tape next season.



Caleb Douglas |6-3 WR| Hightower |  Red Tails 7v7

They call him payday for a reason and he delivers every time. Big-time athlete/ prospect. Holds some pretty legitimate college offers from schools like Baylor, Houston, and others. Plays very well every time he is out there on the field. Gots a dangerous route running ability and can catch everything thrown in his radius. Which is pretty large with his height and wingspan. I like his frame and he has some room to add some mass in college a be a dominant football player.


Joshua Best (23) | 5-10 WR| Shadow Creek | CAT TAKEVOR

Joshua was beasting it all tournament long. This is a speedy receiver that can run dangerous routes and create a lot of separation between himself and defenders. I really liked this receiver a lot. He was making big-time plays and has great hands. On tape, he has elite speed and agility paired with his lateral ability make him a treat t take the ball to the house every time he touches the ball.



Jalen Becerra (22) | 6-2 WR| Rouse | Juice

I love a receiver that sells his routes. His head fakes and quick feet, leave defenders ankles broke. This receiver can run routes just as well as any. He can stop on a dime and cut up the field on a variety of routes. He shows elite speed and can take the ball to the house on a simple wide receiver screenplay. Great route runner, speed, height, and the ability to catch the ball at the apex are just a few things that make Jalen special. I loved watching his film.



Jordyn Tyson (22) | 6-2 WR| Independence HS |  940 Elite

A tall receiver, he’s got a long wingspan and he was helping his team to many victories at the tournament in Dallas. I loved his ability to stop on a dime and then rack up some yards after the catch. Great red zone threat that can rack up plenty of touchdowns.


Hogan Wasson (22) | 5-11 DB/WR | Colleyville Heritage |  940 Elite

Hogan has elite speed and is a dangerous return man on tape. At the tournament, he showed off his jets and ability to make the big plays happen and make them look routine. I like his ability to run routes. A little undersized but makes up for it with his play on the gridiron. Terrific athlete right here.


Pofele Ashlock (22) | 6-2 WR | Euless Trinity | TDG Elite

This receiver is simply the fastest on the list. He’s got long strides and breakaway speed. He has the juice to take it all the way to the endzone and rack up a bunch of yards after the catch. That big frame and long wingspan make him an easy target for QBs. He can also be used on sweep plays and other trick-type reverses. He is a versatile player and a receiver that has deadly skills on the field. Division I prospect who is starting to gain interest from colleges.


Logan Pratt (22) | 5-10 WR | Grain Valley ( MO) | Epic 7 Midwest

Logan was impressive all tournament long to me. A little undersized but he can run all of the routes and consistently produce and come up with the ball. I love his ability and his competitiveness out there on the field.


Luke Seib (22) | 6-5 WR/TE | Blue Springs (MO) | Epic 7 Midwest

Big receiving tight end that runs good crisp routes and is a big time endzone threat. I love his speed and hands. One of the most special tight ends/receivers I’ve seen at these tournaments. A very impressive big fella that moves well for his size. Unboudtly an FBS / FCS level of athlete and oh yeah he can block too.



Antonio Malone (22) | 5-8 RB | Coronado | West Texas Elite

This is a very undersized back but he is dangerous out of the backfield. Can make defenders miss. Also can run in between the tackles. Had the breakaway speed and lateral speed you’d like to see. Maybe not DI material but the guy can ball.


Ky Woods Ky Woods 5'9" | RB Clear Springs | 2022 State TX (22) | 5-10 DB/WR | Clear Springs | South Texas Elite

Ky helped his team to a championship. He was lights out all tournament making big plays and cutting upfield. I liked his hands and his ability to score. Terrific receiver and defensive back.


Isaac Sanchez (22) | 5-9 WR | Pearland | South Texas Elite

Slot receiver that can make catches in traffic and play physically. I liked his hands and his ability to run out routes and get upfield to make a play. Very good speed and he was playing great at the tournament. He should prove to put out some impressive tape next season.







Honorable Mentions

Donny Bishop (22) | 6-0 WR | Crane | West Texas Elite

Ashton Stroman (22) | TBD WR | Glenda Dawson | South Texas Elite

Emmanuel Smith (22)| 5-7 WR | Triple J

Chris Gannaway (23) | 5-11 RB/ATH | Bryant (AR) | Triple J



Thanks for reading. If we missed any or if we couldn’t evaluate you we are sorry sometimes we simply don’t have the time to evaluate everyone we’d like to. Great job to athletes who work hard and show the dedication to make it out to these tournaments.



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