Posted On: 03/29/21 4:30 PM

The matchup between the Denver South Ravens and the Far Northeast Warriors was dubbed as the Bronco’s game of the week, and it did not disappoint!

In a contest that came down to the wire, the Ravens were able to hold off a Warriors comeback and emerge victorious with a 29-21 win on Saturday. Each team featured players who have already made names for themselves, such as Denver South’s Julian Buerk (2021 QB) and Far Northeast’s Jaylen Byrd (2021 DB/WR). Both players have committed to play college football in-state this coming fall. Buerk will be with CSU Pueblo, while Byrd will be attending UNC.

Jamaire Smith (#69)

The flip side to that is that there are names of players on both teams that are more than worthy of recognition. Ravens defensive tackle Jamaire Smith (2023) is a force on the defensive line. He can line up as a three-technique or shade off of the center as a nose tackle. Regardless of where he is on the line, his interior disruption against the run and the pass makes him an absolute player to watch. Xavier Cardinal (2022) is a towering offensive lineman on the Denver South team. Cardinal is quick off of the ball with a good first kick step and great hand placement. The 6-foot-4, 300 lbs guard is hard to miss whenever he is on the field, making him an automatic standout. 

Jabari Qualls (#33), Emmanuel Nwaneto (#44 to the right of Qualls).

For the Warriors, Emmanuel Nwaneto (2021) is a linebacker, defensive lineman, and running back with strong leadership energy and a legitimate motor. Nwaneto has great size, strength, and athleticism which he uses to bullrush his way into the backfield and wreak havoc. Jabari Qualls (2021) is another two-way player with towering size. He is a defensive end and tight end who must be accounted for every time he steps onto the field.

Both teams are loaded with talent throughout their rosters, especially when it comes to the “skill position” players. Denver South’s Rashad Caldwell Rashad Caldwell WR CO (2023) found himself on the receiving end of multiple touchdown receptions in this game. Caldwell is a big outside target who possesses the speed and strength that make him a nightmare to cover. The opposite outside receiver from Caldwell is Jaden Phare (2021) who is another big body receiver with field-stretching abilities.

Jaden Phare

With the Caldwell and Phare duo, the Ravens have two legitimate number-one wide receivers. Jayshawn Leyba (2021) is an athlete who lines up as a slot receiver on offense and a safety on defense. This shifty athlete finished the game with a pair of interceptions to add to his stat sheet. Senior running back Ethan Miceli is a tough runner who explodes through creases and makes plays for the Ravens. Miceli is dangerous whenever he makes it to the second level, something he proved with a big touchdown run in this game.

Dre’Monti Jackson

For the Warriors, Dre’Monti Jackson (2023) is an athlete who lines up as a running back and a defensive back. Jackson scored on a rushing touchdown in the first half and made a few other significant plays on both sides of the ball. Wide receiver Gregory Anderson (2021) was another standout on the field during Saturday’s matchup. Anderson is a receiver with good size, great speed, and phenomenal ball tracking abilities, all of which was used when he caught the Warriors’ final touchdown. Erion Hatch (2022) is a wide receiver and defensive back who has great athleticism, size, and speed. What helped him to stand out was his aggressiveness on defense from the safety position. He is willing to come downhill and stick a ball carrier as a safety, and he brings that same type of energy to the offensive side of the ball.

Gregory Anderson


Looking ahead

The Denver South Ravens moved to 2-0 with their win over Far Northeast, while the Warriors start their season off at 0-1. The Ravens will be taking on Denver East (0-2) on Friday.The Warriors will be heading into Saturday’s matchup against Hinkley (0-2) with the intention of getting back on track for a shot at the postseason.