Posted On: 03/22/21 12:16 PM

There are many names in Iowa’s class of 2023 that need to be on your radar.  Take a look below to see what made them stand out as underclassmen.  These skill position players made a big splash during their Sophomore campaigns.  The sky’s the limit with the tools they possess and there is no slowing down their ascent.  

Tate Mayberry Tate Mayberry 5'11" | QB Glenwood | 2023 IA , Glenwood, hudl, Twitter

QB, 5’11, 160

Mayberry is a dual-threat quarterback who does an outstanding job of setting up the passing attack with a truly impressive ground game.  He reads incredibly well in the mesh and excels behind Zone, Veer, and Counter blocking schemes.  Mayberry’s designed runs are excellent too, but the true read adds a big dimension to his game.  He is very fast and elusive once he gets to space and is a patient, accurate decision maker.  Mayberry’s legs force a team to load the box in an effort to defend him; once they do he gets it done through the air.  Mayberry throws an accurate deep ball and appears to have a good understanding of when different route concepts will be open against zones.  He can hang in the pocket and throw under pressure, but is especially good at sprint out and throwing on the run.

Colby Collison Colby Collison 6'3" | QB Bondurant-Farrar | 2023 IA , Bondurant-Farrar, hudl, Twitter

QB, 6’3, 185

Collison can sit back and pick a defense apart, even off of play-action or when his team is in max protection and there are only a couple of Wide Receivers in routes.  He has the frame and physical tools to develop into a first tier Quarterback prospect and already shows flashes of very mature, impressive play at the position.  Collison leads his targets incredibly well throwing to spots with accuracy and precision.  The ball is delivered right as his teammates are breaking or cutting on underneath routes; when throwing vertical routes he hits it right in stride.  It isn’t often that his Receivers have to break off routes or redirect to make difficult catches.  Collison puts it right in the bread basket.  He is also capable of making some very difficult throws on routes most his age can’t hit with high-end arm strength.   

Asa Newsom, Waverly Shell-Rock, hudl, Twitter

RB/S, 6’4, 205

Newsom is an angry runner who barrels through defenders in between the tackles and can put his foot in the ground when the play goes off-tackle to get north-south.  He does an excellent job following pullers, especially on a play like Buck Sweep or Power, and then attacking once the blocks are set.  Newsom has powerful legs and mobile hips; he gets low in traffic or when contact is occurring and is exceedingly difficult to tackle.  Newsom is often the one delivering the blow, but is also deceptively elusive with a lot of shoulder shimmy and can make it difficult for tacklers to get clean contact.  Newsom is quite versatile and is just as big of a factor patrolling the field on defense with rangy, sideline to sideline ability.  He is a violent, technical tackler who makes game altering hits and forces timely turnovers.

Brenden Fisch, Remsen St. Mary’s, hudl, Twitter

RB, 5’10, 180

Fisch is so slippery and evasive with the ball in his hands and has a flair for breaking tackles to turn shorter gains into game changing plays.  He can make you miss with a quick cut or pure speed, but the plays he makes through contact set him apart.  Fisch gets square to the line of scrimmage, uses his hand to keep tacklers off his body, accelerates through contact, and is off to the races.  Fisch is versatile within his offensive scheme lining up at Running Back, Slot, and even taking reps at Quarterback in a Wildcat look.  He is very effective on inside gaps, but dominates when taking the ball off-tackle on plays like Jet Sweep.  Fisch knows right when to turn it up and take angles away from defenders who are in pursuit.  Fisch outleverages them or outwits them as he reads his blocks and takes over.

Braylon Kammrad, Lewis Central, hudl, Twitter

S/QB, 6’0, 165 

Kammrad has a very strong arm and can zip it through a tight window even if pressure is in his face and he can’t step into the throw.  Though, he really can make all the throws to any level of the field against different coverages.  Kammrad’s Wide Receivers are not going to outrun his arm and the lengths to which he can stretch the field are impressive.  He puts it on target and to where only his teammate can make the play.  The trajectory he puts his ball on is exactly what it needs to be; he can release quickly putting a lot of air under the ball or putting it on a rope.  He is clearly a student of the game and understands how to throw different routes to increase the likelihood of completing his passes.  Kammrad is very capable of being a factor on the ground on Read behind Power and Zone blocking.

Keavian Hayes, Sioux City West, hudl, Twitter

WR, 6’0, 200

Hayes is an elite athlete and playmaker who needs to be accounted for across formations; he can line up just about anywhere and he can make big things happen whenever he gets the ball.  He can stretch the field and get behind coverage with spectacular speed and adjust really well to the ball when it is in the air.  There isn’t much that Hayes can’t just go and get.  Hayes makes catches that require high-end athleticism look routine and is a trusted target when his team needs to throw a jump ball.  Hayes is also very tough and runs underneath routes into contact fearlessly.  His focus and toughness through contested catches is extraordinary.  Hayes excels on designed plays to get him the ball like Jet or direct snaps.  All he needs is a little bit of daylight and, once in space, he can’t be caught.