Jack Rutz
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Posted On: 03/24/21 12:11 PM

The state of Iowa is loaded at the Quarterback position, especially in the class of 2022, and there are a lot of different talents showcased.  From dual-threats to traditional pocket passers, these young men are game breakers who get the job done.  Whether they are targeting the Tight End on play-action out of Double Wing or nailing crossers in Empty, these signal callers are elite on Friday nights.

Barrett Lindmark Barrett Lindmark 5'11" | QB Pleasant Valley | 2022 IA , Pleasant Valley, hudl, Twitter

QB, 5’11, 185

Lindmark is a true dual-threat Quarterback who has the tools to operate Tight, Pro, and Spread formations with equal success.  The way he can beat you out of each formation gives an opposing defense a lot to think about; right off the bat Lindmark gives his offense the upper hand.  Lindmark looks very impressive on designed runs and reads, especially when running the Triple Option out of his team’s balanced I-Formation or Double Wing.  When he keeps the ball he is dangerous and really knows how to maximize his carries behind Veer blocking.  Lindmark is efficient at taking everything a defense gives him and then uses superior athletic ability when plays break down or defenders close in to pick up hard earned yards.  When throwing Lindmark looks very confident and decisive, especially in the pocket.  He has a strong arm and an accurate deep ball.  Lindmark knows how to make undisciplined Defensive Backs who are worried about the run pay when his targets get behind them.  Lindmark has impressive mechanics on boot or sprint out.  He is elusive and can extend plays to get Receivers open.

Jack Rutz Jack Rutz QB State IA , Johnston, hudl, Twitter

QB, 6’2, 200

Rutz has all the tools to operate the modern Spread offense and he really is an ideal fit.  He has excellent footwork in the pocket and on play-action and looks calm and collected as he works through his progressions.  Regardless of what is happening in the backfield Rutz has the ability to pick zone coverage apart.  Rutz knows where defenders are going to be and when his targets will be open as the play unfolds.  He has a knack for throwing his targets open by placing the ball only where his teammate can get it.  Sometimes that is dropping the ball in just beyond the reach of short or intermediate zones or throwing the ball right on time into a window.  His throwing mechanics are mature and he puts his passes on appropriate trajectories.  If he needs to fire it in on a slant or out he can.  If he needs to leave air under the ball so it drops into his Receiver in stride out of a defender’s reach he can.  He squares up and throws accurate balls even when scrambling or maneuvering the pocket.  Rutz is dangerous when running, especially against a light box when a defense is in man coverage.  He is fast and will make you pay.

Carson Maeder Carson Maeder QB IA , Davis County, hudl, Twitter

QB, 6’4, 195

Maeder is an absolute playmaker for his offense; he is a sound decision maker and makes accurate reads, but really shines when plays break down and can improvise.  Maeder has sound throwing mechanics and he does a great job of standing in the pocket, especially under pressure, and delivering accurate passes.  When he has the time he is very deliberate in working through his progressions, looking off defenders, and making good choices.  Maeder is especially skilled at throwing the ball downfield.  Maeder is elusive in the pocket when pressure or coverage forces him to extend the play and get creative.  Maeder is so good at finding targets who break off their routes when the initial plan doesn’t work.  He makes pass rushers miss, escapes, and scrambles keeping his eyes down field.  Maeder has the arm strength to throw wherever he needs to once he locks onto his target.  The threat of Maeder’s legs pulls defenders from coverage and he takes advantage.  Maeder is also dominant on designed runs, especially behind Inside or Outside Zone blocking when he can be patient and burst into space.

Luke Longval Luke Longval QB State IA , Sioux City East, hudl, Twitter

QB, 6’2, 200

Longval is a fearless gunslinger of a Quarterback who does a lot of things in the passing game at a high level out of his team’s Spread offense.  He is a field general out of Doubles, Trips, and Empty who poses a big threat through the air at all times.  It is easy to notice how well Longval diagnoses coverages before the snap.  Understanding coverage to that depth at the high school level is a big advantage because young Defensive Backs struggle to confuse keys or give false looks.  Longval can get the ball out quickly or throw to spots to keep the ball moving on a regular basis.  He seems to have a sort of sixth sense connection with his receivers and throws to only where they can catch the ball.  He can quickly scan the field to make sure the ball gets out and there are no negative plays or wasted downs.  He is poised under pressure, senses where defenders are coming from, and steps into his throws even if it means getting hit.  Longval showcases great touch on vertical routes and has pinpoint accuracy underneath when there is no margin for error.  He plays with the swagger you want your Quarterback to have.

Cade Walkingstick Cade Walkingstick 6'1" | QB Akron-Westfield | 2022 IA , Akron-Westfield, hudl, Twitter

QB, 6’1, 215

Walkingstick gets the job done in many different ways through the air and on the ground.  Most notably, through the air, Walkingstick throws excellent vertical routes that lead his targets away from coverage.  He understands where the deep halves, thirds, and quarters are going to be and how vertical route concepts will put the opposition in compromised spots.  Walkingstick doesn’t just heave it up with his strong arm; those deep balls are strategically placed.  He is also an expert at throwing really hard routes like far outs and corners that most defenses will dare a Quarterback to throw because it is so hard to complete.  Walkingstick gets the ball there; there is a timely delivery to his passes that makes it difficult for those in coverage to make plays on the ball.  Walkingstick is so effective running in between the tackles.  He is incredibly shifty and knows how to outleverage opponents who take bad angles; he can cut across the face without slowing down.  He is also really tough and will do whatever is necessary to pick up hard earned yards.  He is slippery and fast in the open field and can take it the distance if he gets to space.

McKade Jelinek McKade Jelinek 6'0" | QB Linn Mar | 2022 IA , Linn-Mar, hudl, Twitter

QB, 6’1, 205

Jelinek is so dangerous when dropping back and scanning the field; he has second to none instincts and reacts appropriately to whatever a defense throws at him.  He has a strong arm, is decisive, and can make all the throws so opposing defenses have to respect his passing prowess.  Jelinek can set his feet or throw on the run with high-end mechanics and beat you through the air.  He makes good decisions and doesn’t appear to panic, which is what makes him so difficult to defend.  If there is a throw to be made as Jelinek is making his progressions he’ll hit it.  Jelinek also has outstanding pocket awareness and knows where pressure is coming from.  Jelinek will step up through inside gaps or escape and break contain to gash a defense with his legs, especially if there is a light box or backs are turned from the line of scrimmage in coverage.  Jelinek won’t just run for the sake of running; he is going to make the right play.  He is very fast and exceedingly difficult to tackle in the open field.  There are plenty of moves in the toolbox he can use to make defenders miss and is dangerous on plays like Zone and Jet Read.