Photo: Josiah Donat

Posted On: 03/30/21 3:28 PM

With football back, it is time to dive back into the in-season content! Every week I will be looking to gather all the top performances from the past week and the film from it. From there, it will be very similar to my Film Analysis articles that I have been doing in the offseason. I will go through the tape and highlight the traits and skills that each player showed during that week’s game. So each week, after you cut up your tape, make sure you send it to my Twitter DMs at @MJ_NFLDraft or the Prep Redzone Wisconsin DMs at @PrepRedzoneWI. Every Monday, I will also tweet out that we are looking for tape to analyze from the previous week, so make sure you are on the lookout for that as well. I want to be able to breakdown as much film as possible each week and include as many names in these articles as I can. Don’t hesitate to send it over! Let’s dive into Week One!

Mason Herlitzke, QB/ATH- La Crosse Central

Stat Line: 222 Passing Yds, 3 Passing TDs, 221 Rushing Yds, 3 Rushing TDs Herlitzke’s Week 1 Performance

Our first Top Performer comes from La Crosse Central and their exciting come from behind victory over Eau Claire Memorial. Herlitzke was the conductor of 23 straight points in an 8 minute span of the 4th quarter that led to their victory. The 5’8″ 160 lbs athlete did it with his arm and his legs on Friday night. The opposing defense had a difficult time trying to contain the lightning quick QB. Once he broke that contain and got into the open field there wasn’t a defender that could match his lateral agility enough to be able to tackle him one on one in the open field. His instincts really popped on designed runs. It allowed him to read his blocks, see the lane, and then show off his exceptional acceleration abilities through the gap. Add in that he was also an effective passer and you get an athlete that is going to be fun to watch as defenses spend the spring trying to contain the athletically gifted junior.

Bryce Barbian Bryce Barbian 6'1" | QB Cudahy | 2021 State WI , QB- Cudahy

Stat Line: 31/52, 330 Passing Yds, 2 Passing TDs Barbian’s Week 1 Performance

Our next Top Performer of Week One comes from Cudahy. Bryce is a 6’1″ 190 lbs QB that has reclassified to the Class of 2022, so make sure you make note of him as he will be in Prep School for the 2021 Fall season. This pass Friday, Barbian wasted no time showing off that arm as he was slinging the ball 52 times during their matchup with Greenfield. The improvements since his 2019 junior season is evident. He has developed a well rounded skill set for the QB position. The tape shows off his quick release, plenty of velocity to be able to hit even deep windows, accuracy to all levels of the field, and the ability to keep that accuracy while on the run. He shows the ability to maneuver in the pocket to buy time as well. I think he could be a D2 level talent, especially if he continues to develop his footwork over the course of this season and next. Keep an eye on him.

Gabe Herman, QB- De Pere

Stat Line: 7/12, 132 Passing Yds, 3 Passing TDs, 9 Carries, 69 Rushing Yds, 1 Rushing TD Herman’s Week One Performance

This was my first time watching the 6’3″ 200 lbs sophomore out of De Pere and I was blown away with the potential. Right from the first play you see the dual threat ability and the strength when he throws a defender off of him and then picks up a big chunk of yards. That wasn’t the only time Gabe proved himself to be a strong runner either. As a passer, Herman has clean mechanics. He has quick footwork, and gets the ball out of his hands with a quick, short release. I will be following Gabe’s development very closely. As the arm strength continues to develop, he could become a scholarship level QB prospect.

Matthew Fischer Matthew Fischer LB Greenfield | 2021 State WI , RB- Greenfield

Stat Line: 17 Carries, 144 Rushing Yds, 2 Rushing TDs Fischer’s Week One Performance

Next up we have Greenfield athlete, and Concordia University of Wisconsin commit, Matt Fischer. There isn’t a lot of wasted movement in Fischer’s week one highlights. The two way player is a north- south runner that isn’t going to waste his time trying to dance or juke. Instead, he is a patient runner that lets his blocks set up and then hits the hole. He does have the lateral agility to side step a tackle attempt, but besides that he would rather use that physical LB mindset and let tacklers fall off him as he keeps his legs churning forward. It was a good week one for Fischer as he began his final season in Greenfield. CUW has a good player on the way.

Tyson Lofton, RB- Winnebago Lutheran

Stat Line: 19 Carries, 258 Yds, 5 Rushing TDs Lofton’s Week 1 Performance

If you want to see some next level contact balance then check out Tyson’s week one film. The 6’ 205 lbs junior RB spent week one leaving a trail of tackle attempts everywhere he went. The leg drive he demonstrated while having multiple defenders hanging on him was special. He wasn’t just a three yards and a cloud of dust type runner either. He turned that strength and balance into big plays. You don’t get a stat line like the one he posted without the play speed and overall athleticism it takes to play at the next level. The combination of size, speed, and strength is more than worth making a note about. Keep an eye on him.

Matthew Grzybowski Matthew Grzybowski 5'9" | RB Bay Port | 2021 State WI , RB- Bay Port

Stat Line: 29 Carries, 202 Rushing Yds, 3 Rushing TDs, 2 Rec. 23 Receiving Yds, 1 Receiving TD Grzybowski”s Week 1 Performance

Grzybowski has been a player I have been looking forward to watching ever since last summer. I couldn’t wait to see him step into the big workload and really put on a show. He did that right away in week one. His acceleration once he gets the ball paired with his vision led to big play after big play. He isn’t just a speedy ball carrier either. Matt plays with strength and contact balance to be able to lower his shoulder and run through arm tackle attempts and make plays between the tackles. He also showed that he is a receiving threat out of the backfield as well. Sioux Falls is getting a versatile piece for their team.

Porter Pretasky, WR- La Crosse Central

Stat Line: 5 Receptions, 59 Receiving Yds, 3 Receiving TDs Pretasky’s Week 1 Performance

Talk about a nose for the endzone, Porter spent week one living in the endzone. The 6’5″ 190 lbs junior WR was a redzone monster for La Crosse Central and there is a lot to like from this week’s film. He demonstrated some nice body control on his first TD when he was able to get two feet in bounds while securing the catch along the sideline. Pretasky also showed off the ability to go up and get the ball over his defender on his second score in his film. This was my first exposure to Porter, so I will be keeping an eye on him going forward and watching how his game develops. Check him out!