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Let’s jump into Part 4 of our 2022 Early Watch List series in York County, S.C.! There’s multiple two sport, multi position players included with this. There’s also a prospect who plans to transfer to the area in 2021 you should keep your eye on.

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Part 3 of our 2022 Early Watch List

(*) indicates that this prospect’s stats were available at the time this article was written:

Catawba Ridge – RB Henry Bowen

Twitter: @Henrybowen24

2020 Hudl highlight film

Analysis: At running back, Bowen can get yards after initial contact. Arm tackles won’t run work against him – he can run right through people, almost like he’s running angry. He embraces the contact and doesn’t dance in space. He’s patient in waiting for his blocks to develop in between the tackles before he explodes in the inside running game. He’s also one of the few backs we’ve seen that can take the toss sweep and turn it up for six points.

Clover – TE/DE Hunter Nichols

Twitter: @HunterNichols84

2020 Hudl highlight film 

Analysis: Nichols plays on both offense and defense. He is physical tight end on offense who has great leg drive and pushes the defensive lineman right back at the snap of the ball. Watch out, because if you get too concerned with his blocking ability, he can sneak by defenders on crossing routes for a big completion or a touchdown. At defensive end, he takes great angles to the ball carrier and can fight off blocks well to make plays against the inside run game. He is an excellent student with a 3.9 GPA.

Legion Collegiate Academy – WR/CB Charles Green IV

Twitter: @Charles_Green14

2020 Hudl highlight film

Analysis: Green is a tall receiver at 6’5, 190 lbs. who plays the outside receiver position. This guy can go up and make the competitive catch in a 50/50 situation, using his speed and frame to create separation from defensive backs who are smaller than he is. We saw several times watching his film having the ability to turn and catch a 5 to 10 yard out route and get up field quickly to gain extra yards. Green is a transfer from St. Frances de Sales School in Toledo, Ohio and will be heading to the Palmetto State this fall. He has a 3.0 GPA.

Nation Ford – WR/DB TJ Hailstock

Twitter: @TJ_Hail22

Hudl highlight film 

Analysis: Hailstock is a two-way player that can go up and win the one-on-one battle and catch the ball right in stride for a long touchdown. He can also take a quick throw and get north quickly for extra yards. He’s also an impact player on defense as well at safety, playing center field well. He runs track and  is a strong student in the classroom with a 3.72 GPA.

Northwestern – DE Isaac McClellan

Twitter: @isaac_mclellan

2020 Hudl highlight film

*2020 Season Stats: 13 solo tackles, 6.8 tackles per game, 2.5 sacks, 5 QB hurries

Analysis: The first word that came to mind when watching McClellan’s film is disruptor. He can’t be blocked against a single offensive lineman as he jumps right into the picture as soon as the ball is snapped. He takes good angles to the ball and flies around to make plays in space whether it’s a toss sweep, or a swing pass to the running back. He is on the wrestling and baseball team all while maintaining a 3.9 GPA.

South Pointe – DE Anquerrious Davis

Twitter: @AnquerriousD

2020 Hudl highlight film

Analysis: Davis can play defensive end or tackle, and is impressive at both positions. He has good leg drive at the nose tackle spot to clog up the running lanes and minimize the gain. He can line up at defensive end, fight off blocks well and he takes good angles that take him to the ball carrier. One of the most impressive plays we saw was where he chased down a receiver on a pass play so he’s definitely got a motor that’s running.

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