Posted On: 04/6/21 1:21 PM

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Prep Redzone Oklahoma was once again on hand for a stellar 7v7 tournament over the weekend. This time, Durant, Oklahoma and C4 Training played host to an outstanding one day event on Saturday. Myself and Jake Johnson were on hand from start to finish and saw some spectacular performances from individuals as well as teams. We start off our 7v7 coverage looking at our top performers. First up, you can check out my top performers below. Stay tuned for Jake’s top five performers later on. We’ll also have breakdowns on some of the 2022, 2023 and 2024 standouts from this weekend. Prep Redzone Oklahoma continues to provide the absolute best 7v7 and offseason coverage you’ll find in Oklahoma.

Bai Jobe Bai Jobe 6'5" | ATH Community Christian | 2023 OK – 2023 Wide Receiver – Community Christian
(Played With C4 Oklahoma)
There was probably no prospect that would have been higher on our list of players we were excited to see than Bai Jobe Bai Jobe 6'5" | ATH Community Christian | 2023 OK out of Community Christian. The 2023 wide receiver was suited up to play with C4’s Oklahoma squad on Saturday and we got our first look of Jobe in person. If you haven’t been following much football this offseason, Jobe has absolutely exploded in the last few months and has become a national recruit, despite only playing six football games in his life. Jobe is originally from Africa and played his first game of organized football last year for Community Christian in Norman. Despite being incredibly raw, Jobe is also a freak athlete and it didn’t take very long to see that on Saturday. In fact, Jobe is so impressive athletically that he has already picked up a D1 offer from Pitt and even debuted as a top 250 prospect in the country for the 2023 class. Just a sophomore, Jobe has plenty of time to improve before he graduates with the 2023 class. And that fact is incredibly scary to think about when you look at what Jobe is right now, you can’t help but think about what he will be two years from now.

Braylen Irvin-Fisher Braylen Irvin-Fisher 6'2" | LB Union | 2023 OK – 2023 Athlete – Union
(Played With Sooner 7)
One of the more consistent players that we’ve seen all year has been Union 2023 athlete Braylen Irvin-Fisher Braylen Irvin-Fisher 6'2" | LB Union | 2023 OK . We list him as an athlete because he has played primarily on offense for Sooner 7 this offseason but he’s a linebacker for Union. This weekend, Fisher had to play both sides of the ball as Sooner 7 only had about ten guys suited up so plenty of players ended up playing both ways. And in fact, Fisher was a standout on offense and defense for Sooner 7 this weekend. Whenever they needed to convert to keep a drive alive, it was Fisher routinely making a catch over the middle to keep Sooner 7’s offense on the field. We can’t help but wonder after watching Fisher over the last three months, what he would look like in Union’s offense as a tight end. For now, we’ll continue to have Fisher listed as a linebacker officially but he’s been an outstanding athlete this offseason. And if we’re being honest in our breakdown of Fisher, Saturday wasn’t his strongest performance over the last few months. However, like we mentioned earlier, whenever Sooner 7 needed something good to happen, Fisher usually was the guy to make the big catch.

Jino Boyd Jino Boyd 6'0" | WR Union | 2024 State OK – 2024 Wide Receiver – Union
(Played With 918 Elite)
During the tournament on Saturday, there were a few players that just made play after play after play and it didn’t matter what team they were facing. Union 2024 wide receiver Jino Boyd Jino Boyd 6'0" | WR Union | 2024 State OK , playing with 918 Elite was one of those players that would be in the conversation for MVP of the tournament if we were picking just one standout. Boyd was lights out as a wide receiver and also wasn’t too shabby on the defensive side of the ball. However, it was what Boyd did on offense that gets him mentioned right here. 918 Elite was without their quarterback Knox Dyson Knox Dyson 6'3" | QB Owasso | 2024 State OK and ended up having a position player play quarterback on Saturday. So right from the start, they were behind the eight ball. Don’t tell that to Boyd, who made up for the lack of experience at the quarterback position by making some outstanding catches. In the few times we’ve seen Boyd in person, the thing that has been so impressive is his speed as he just blows by defenders. However, in addition to that, Boyd was very physical in 1 on 1 situations and won more times than not when he was being defended very closely. His stock is shooting up quickly.

Morgan Pearson Morgan Pearson 6'2" | WR Plainview | 2023 State OK – 2023 Wide Receiver – Plainview
(Played With C4 Oklahoma)
While we were very excited to see Bai Jobe Bai Jobe 6'5" | ATH Community Christian | 2023 OK playing with C4’s Oklahoma squad, the top wide receiver from that team on Saturday was easily Morgan Pearson Morgan Pearson 6'2" | WR Plainview | 2023 State OK . The 2023 Plainview product has been steady contributor for C4’s 7v7 group this offseason but he made some catches on Saturday that showed why he’s considered one of the best wide receivers in the state’s current sophomore class. One of Pearson’s best qualities as a wide receiver is his instincts and ability to time a play just right. Pearson isn’t the biggest wide receiver in the state but he has good enough size and when you add in his leaping with his ability to high-point the ball, Pearson has become a match-up nightmare. We watched Pearson’s sophomore tape and the majority of the big plays during his sophomore year came on jump ball situations or deep balls where Pearson had to make the play in order for it to be a completion and he had his fair share of wins. Pearson’s instincts are probably hand in hand with his talents on the baseball diamond. He’s one of the few prospects in Oklahoma that has D1 offers in multiple sports.

Steele Wasel Steele Wasel 6'3" | QB Choctaw | 2023 State OK – 2023 Quarterback – Choctaw
(Played With Sooner 7)
The only quarterback in my top performer list should be no surprise for anyone who has followed our 7v7 coverage this offseason. Choctaw 2023 quarterback Steele Wasel Steele Wasel 6'3" | QB Choctaw | 2023 State OK has been outstanding during the 7v7 tournaments this year and has picked up right where he left off as a sophomore. Wasel improved every single time he stepped on the field as a sophomore and that led to Choctaw making a run to the state championship game. Wasel has the chance to be one of the better quarterbacks to come out of Oklahoma in quite some time. All of the physical tools are there and when you combine that with the growth he’s had as not only a quarterback but as a football player in general, the sky is the limit. I’ve already mentioned how Sooner 7 was very shorthanded this weekend. Wasel didn’t have some of his top wide receivers like he’s had at other tournaments. It didn’t matter. Wasel put the ball where it needed to be and he helped his receivers make the plays. Wasel is routinely one of the top performers every time Sooner 7 takes the field and he’ll more than likely continue to be as his QB growth continues.