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With the second day of the NFL Draft just hours away, I thought it would be fun to look back at a guy whose name is likely to be called tonight. Originally posted in December of 2015.

One of the most lethal line combinations in all of Minnesota high school football last year was the bookend offensive tackles in Becker of Casey Vesledahl and Dillon Radunz. The two seniors helped pave the way on offense and helped dominate the line of scrimmage on defense as the Bulldogs rolled to a second consecutive AAAA state championship. One member of that dynamic duo – Radunz – has known for a long time where he will be playing football next season.

A great team last year, Radunz felt the Bulldogs were even better in 2015.

“We relied more on the run this year, but Alex Meidt turned into the receiver that we needed and (quarterback Andrew) Stanger was great too. Everyone contributed,” said Radunz. “Our defense actually got better from last year and as a team, we were even better than last year.”

Radunz felt defensively they followed their assignments and worked as a team. Offensively they had a solid balance between the run and the pass. The senior played on both sides of the ball.

“I was the pulling tackle. Most plays we would either switch sides, or we would run it out of our base formation, and I would be the pulling tackle. On defense, I would play defensive end in a 3-4. I would usually get double-teamed, or I would get into the backfield, so that is how I made my impact on defense.”

The senior thinks his arm length and arm speed are two of his biggest assets.

“My arm length makes it easier to block people and my speed off the ball on defense and being able to get my arms up faster than the other guy and knock his arms down to get past him.”

Although he dominated his senior year of high school, he knows he needs to improve to compete at the next level.

“On the offensive line, I need to improve on my pass blocking and thinking on the fly. On defense, I need to stay low and find the ball while staying low. I had a habit of trying to look over a guy since I was taller than him and then I would be too high.”

Radunz has committed to North Dakota State. The Bison see him as an offensive tackle, but Radunz is going into the off-season as if he doesn’t know what side of the ball he will be on.

“I want to go into camp bigger, faster and stronger in any way possible and possibly play a different position if they want me to.”

Right now they see him as a left tackle. The Bison already like his quickness, but they also like his 6’6″ 250-pound frame. They think Radunz – who also likes to deer hunt and fish for muskies – has the potential to put on a lot of muscle over the next five years.

The recruiting experience was a positive one for the senior.

“It was a positive experience. One month it was normal life and the next month I am getting phone calls and letters every day. I had to look at it and stay humble.”

Although it was a good experience, the future Bison committed early because he wanted to focus on winning a state championship.

“I didn’t want to have to focus on where I am going. I wanted to make sure I had a good plan. I met Coach Riley – the offensive line coach. He is a phenomenal guy that I would love to play for. He is the best offensive line coach I met. It seems like a family setting.”

NDSU got Radunz’s nod over Wyoming – the first school to offer – and New Mexico.

This offseason he is the starting center on the basketball team and will try to return to the state tournament in the shot put and possibly the discus.

NDSU has told him to continue with his high school sports and worry about college after high school. They hope to get him on campus and taking classes this summer.  Radunz hopes to play right away but knows depending on where he is at physically he might have to wait his turn. Waiting . . . something he wasn’t willing to do with his college football choice.

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