Posted On: 04/20/21 1:28 PM

Maybe you already know these young men; pretty soon everyone will.  Contributing to your varsity team, or definitively standing out on younger levels, upon entering high school to any degree is not a common occurrence.  These athletes got the job done and laid a very strong foundation to build on the next few years.  They have the physical tools, instincts, and football IQ.  Look for them to be major names in recruiting by the time they are upperclassmen.  

Caleb Moore, Lewis Central, hudl, Twitter

OLB, 6’0, 180

It is impressive to see Moore fly around on the field without any hesitation or reservations; he flat out gets after it.  That level of confidence, mental wherewithal, and instinct for a Freshman to be playing with, as evident on film, is rare.  Moore is physical and disciplined at the line of scrimmage.  He uses his hands well to defeat blockers and reacts appropriately against different schemes to maintain the integrity of the defense.  Moore can take on direct pressure, get under pullers, attack flat from the backside; you name it, it’s already on film.  Moore is a secure tackler who will only get more explosive and

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