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Posted On: 04/8/21 8:24 AM

Mid-season has just passed in what was an incredible three-week stretch of Spring Football in the Philadelphia Public League! We at Prep Redzone pride ourselves on finding under-the-radar prospects from local areas whose play deserves more shine or credit. That’s exactly what we have found this Spring with numerous new names that have been added to our watchlist to be ranked this summer, all from the PPL! Three weeks is definitely a short sample size, but enough of a sample size to dissect and shout out those who have put in a good month of football. If you aren’t listed here don’t worry! We will have more spotlight pieces showcasing productive seasons after it’s all said and done. For now, here are the Mid-Season stock-risers out of the Philadelphia Public League!

Zaire Brown | ATH | West Philadelphia

Khani Knight | 150lbs | QB | Lincoln HS | C/O 2023

Terail Greene | RB | Northeast

Not enough film can be found on these players to properly evaluate them. We see them though! Hopefully, these kids can get some tape out!

Steven Oaddams | 6’6″, 250lbs | DE/TE | Olney HS | C/O 2022

Philly boasts a ton of elite edge players and Steven Oaddams may be on his way to entering that group. Production could be better but this kid fits the mold physically and athletically speaking. Oaddams is a bit stiff and lacks true bend or speed when edge-rushing but has a ton of power behind his legs to pass-rush with power. His long arms equate to a long reach that makes engaging and proper hand placement from offensive lineman difficult play in and play out. Once he gets that initial punch in off the snap, if he can get his hands under you quick enough, he’s going to win the rep nine times out of ten. Serious lower body strength out of this kid. Active hands, combined with the separation created by his long arms, allows Oaddams to shed and set himself up for tackles behind the line of scrimmage. I can see Oaddams succeed as a hand-in-the-dirt 3-4 defensive end if he doesn’t develop any speed to his game, which isn’t necessary with the size and strength combination he possesses. Oaddams is raw and has a ton of work to do adding to his repertoire of pass-rush moves. I would also love to see how he plays at tight end. His measurables got him on our radar, hopefully, his production will get him ranked. He is on course.

Mujaheed Muhammad | 5’8″, 170lbs | DB/LB | West Philadelphia | C/O 2021

Mujaheed Muhammad is as seasoned a safety prospect as Philly can provide currently. He displays a serious understanding of gap integrity/control on both offense and defense. He has a great feel for where the ball carrier is going to be post-snap thanks to this. Muhammad’s stature isn’t anything extraordinary by any means, his play does the talking. He plays with the aggression and physicality of a six-foot 200-pound linebacker. He’s often the single-high safety for West Philly, which tells you how much the coaches there trust his judgment. He displays great read and react ability against the run where he is seen taking great downhill angles to the football. Muhammad finishes every play he’s involved with on his terms and with authority. He doesn’t stand around and wait or watch teammates make plays in front of him, if he isn’t the one making the tackle, he’s there with energy to clean up said tackle. He’s a reliable last line of defense in the secondary that is valuable against break-away runs. I would love to see more pass-coverage out of Muhammad, not too much tape on that either because of opportunities or reps. His range at safety would vastly unlock his potential and help his stock moving forward. His game suggests linebacker, but his body does not. Safety is a viable option but I want to see more pass coverage. Can’t forget about his ability with the ball in his hands either! He can rip off some solid runs on offense, which can help his elusiveness when returning interceptions or kicks, which he may be asked to do at the next level.

Isaiah Rogers Isaiah Rogers 6'4" | DL Academy Park | 2021 PA  | 6’0″ | WR/DB | MLK | C/O 2022

Isaiah Rogers Isaiah Rogers 6'4" | DL Academy Park | 2021 PA , a long-limbed lanky wideout prospect out of Martin Luther King High School has caught our eye more times than not. Rogers is a versatile prospect who can align outside for MLK as well as inside or outside slot where he produces the most. Rogers’ game can be described as smooth as he floats when he is in full stride and is consistently balanced throughout his routes. Smooth can also be used to describe his run-after-catch ability. He isn’t blazing fast after the catch or elusive but he displays a nice burst upfield and toughness to not go down easily. Much like Julian Arthur, Isaiah Rogers Isaiah Rogers 6'4" | DL Academy Park | 2021 PA shows a bit more agility in the open field when returning kicks or punts which he does frequently for MLK. Rogers adjusts on the fly and does a good job relocating with his dual-threat quarterback to connect on seemingly broken plays. Rogers has a ton of room under his pads that can be filled but he still carries said pads well. Really like his stride on vertical routes. He’s shown some solid ball skills that also translate to corner, a position he may find himself at the next level if he wants to continue his football career past MLK. He’s got the ideal frame/body to play corner as well as the experience in ball tracking when attacking vertically. We hope Rogers continues on the path he is on.

Photo: Zaire Dean

Jaquan Givens | 5’11″, 175lbs | QB/ATH | Bartrum | C/O 2021

Bartram’s senior quarterback is the epitome of a dual-threat prospect behind center. Jaquan Givens is special in the open field, whether that be flicking the ball 40+ yards downfield on the run or making defenders miss on outside zone keepers. The senior is a play-maker who seems to be in control of the offense in all phases. I like Givens’ mechanics in a clean pocket. Said mechanics tend to shake up a bit when feeling pressured as Givens tends to rely on his awesome athleticism to get him out of trouble in the pocket. Smooth delivery when unpressured. Has some serious arm talent to go along with his agility-elusiveness package. He isn’t just an athlete who can run behind center, he is seen showing impressive deep ball accuracy even while on the run. His arm talent has potential to be unlocked further. He shows the instincts to keep his eyes downfield while taking off, just wants to see this more often. Givens is money in the redzone. He’s a threat to score on QB keepers up the middle or around the defense, while also flashing a quick delivery and efficient timing to succeed on two-point conversions. It helps a coach to know he has a quarterback who makes good decisions in the red zone. Would personally love to see how Givens works through a progression and what affects his decision-making. The uncoachable tools are there, now it’s time to see if the senior can learn and prolong his football career at the next level.

Kyle Schumann Kyle Schumann 6'0" | QB George Washington High School | 2023 PA  | 6’0″, 210lbs | LB/QB | Washington | C/O 2023

Kyle Schumann Kyle Schumann 6'0" | QB George Washington High School | 2023 PA is a bright talent out of George Washington and is one of just four sophomores on this list. The Washington quarterback has a ways to go learning the ins and outs of playing said position but has nonetheless been productive for Washington on both sides of the ball. He boasts a compact build that is suitable to sustain big hits at QB/RB as well as deliver big hits at linebacker. This kid is the toughest runner on this list which gives reason as to why he is utilized so heavily in zone-read concepts on offense. He’s a tough tackle with a full head of steam. I like how Schumann’s game projects on defense. He flashes good pursuit, effort, and attitude on defense that is necessary out of a MLB-type prospect. If he can develop a better feel of playing quarterback, Washington could have a potential stand-out player in the Public League. He’s already standing out due to his overall athleticism and leadership on the field. He exudes confidence as well, a trait you love to see from young, developing prospects.

Dechaune Jackson | 6’1″| DB | Overbrook | C/O 2021

Dechaune Jackson is just another senior defensive back on this list who is certainly polished and experienced at his secondary position. Jackson is an all-around defender who gives you all he’s got each play. He’s seen blitzing off the edge recording sacks, cleaning up tackles, and delivering big hits in the open field, as well as showing off good ball skills and nice radius when intercepting balls. He’s also versatile in alignment, giving reps at slot corner, box LB/S, and free safety. He carries the ideal defensive back body type, long and thin, combining that with a smooth stride. He’s got safety instincts, displaying he can read and react to the run by taking solid angles to the ball carrier. He doesn’t get to show off his hands on defense, which are the best of this group. He’s got strong mits as well as a strong core to reel in balls thrown away from his body. He can get up to sky for balls whether to deflect on defense or bring in clutch passes on offense. Much like Mujaheed Muhammad, Jackson’s play lets you trust him as he looks like he’s been there before play in and play out.

Photo: Suvisuals Suvisuals

Rymir Gray | 6’2″, 305lbs | OG/OT | MLK | C/O 2023

Rymir Gray starts off a run at offensive lineman on this list. This kid has been hyped up by MLK coaches since week one and for good reason. Those coaches have seen Matthew Pajuste Matthew Pajuste 6'4" | OL Martin Luther King | 2021 State PA dominate for some time, so to hear another kid in the trenches get praise says something. Gray, a massive sophomore guard who can provide reps at tackle if need be. This kid absolutely eats up initial rush moves with power from his legs when pass protecting. He easily overpowers smaller/weaker defensive lineman and gets solid displacement off the line of scrimmage when run blocking. I think he has the potential to be an elite run blocking prospect. He isn’t going to wow you with athleticism or quick feet, he’s going to impress with his awesome push and upper/lower body strength. Love how he controls the tempo of each rep. He is consistent in winning against second effort moves as well, which shows he has the stamina and will to keep defenders at bay for the duration of a play. Watching a stand-out prospect like Pajuste every day has to help. Gray’s stock can only go up from here. Looking forward to seeing how he further progresses his game.

Donovan Saunders | 6’3″, 290lbs | OT | Northeast | C/O 2022

Saunders is as complete a lineman prospect as Philly has to offer. He does so many things well. He’s a violent and aggressive run blocker who wants to put his man in the dirt early and often. He’s consistent in all things pass protection. Solid kick step thanks to his nimble feet and solid knee bend. Good balance in drop back as well. Also has the best height of this group which helps him matchup against some of Philly’s elite pass rushers who are also of the same height. Loves how he keeps his weight inside throughout his kick which allows him to stay ahead of the hip. This also allows him to be ready for a myriad of pass rush moves that could be headed his way. He’s another prospect that we should have had our eyes on for some time. Not a matter of if being ranked in the summer, but a matter of where.

Markel Morgan | DB/LB | Bartrum | C/O 2021

Markel Morgan thrives in open space on defense. He can be trusted to make plays based on instincts alone which makes him an ideal roamer or box safety/linebacker. Add in his ideal size and athleticism and you have a high-energy defensive disruptor who is on the constant hunt to hit. He’s all over the field, recording sacks, and TFLs behind the line of scrimmage. He’s seen showing off good awareness intercepting tipped balls and cutting off passing lanes. He’s an impressive tackler in open space and brings a tough mindset that sets the tone on Bartram’s defense. Tone-setter might be the perfect description for the senior. Morgan also provides occasional reps at wideout for Bartram as well, where he produces enough to warrant a second future look at him at that position. His stock has shot up, as have many Bartram Braves thus far.

Julian Carrion Julian Carrion 6'2" | OL Northeast | 2023 State PA  | 6’2″, 265lbs | OT | Northeast | C/O 2023

Last but not least we have another lineman prospect out of Northeast High School who plays opposite side of Donovan Saunders. First thing that jumps out to me is how far along he is technically speaking for his age and experience in a position where refining your craft is imperative. This kid makes his presence known at the point of attack. Awesome strength and even better hand placement to drive defenders away from the ball. The most athletic lineman covered in this piece. He can move into the second level to make impact blocks with ease. He’s smooth and doesn’t rush or over pursue when moving into the second level, again a trait not seen often amongst underclassmen. He’s position versatile but is definitely suited to play either tackle spot. He looks the part of a potentially elite pass protector as his stance stays consistent and fluid throughout his kickback. Another trait that impresses is how he handles speed and power. He’s athletic enough to counter speed with good footwork as well as counter power with great lower body strength.

Photo: Zamani Feelings

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