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Posted On: 04/7/21 8:02 PM

Mid-season has just passed in what was an incredible three-week stretch of Spring Football in the United Ten! We at Prep Redzone pride ourselves on finding under-the-radar prospects from local areas whose play deserves more shine or credit. That’s exactly what we have found this Spring with numerous new names that have been added to our watchlist to be ranked this summer, all from the UX! Three weeks is definitely a short sample size, but enough of a sample size to dissect and shout out those who have put in a good month of football. If you aren’t listed here don’t worry! We will have more spotlight pieces showcasing productive seasons after it’s all said and done. For now, here are the Mid-Season stock-risers out of the United Ten!


Disappointed to say, not a ton of film was gathered on numerous players that I wanted to feature on this list. Nonetheless, they still will be featured, along with measurables and a link to any recaps they may have been a part of!


Evaluations were done when all three-four games can be found.


Anton Sterling | RB/LB | Chester | C/O 2021

Colin Ferrell | 5’10″, 171lbs | DB/LB | Chester | C/O 2023

Darron Miller Darron Miller 6'2" | LB Chester | 2022 State PA | 6’2″, 170lbs | DB/OLB | Chester | C/O 2022

Makai Jackson | 6’0″, 170lbs | DB | Harry S. Truman | C/O 2022

Sincere Thomas | 5’9″, 160lbs | ATH | Harry S. Truman | C/O 2021

Staring Reaves Staring Reaves 5'8" | DB Chester | 2023 State PA | 5’8″, 175lbs | DB | Chichester | C/O 2023

Eric Smith | 5’10″, 190lbs | RB | Father Judge | C/O 2021

Zaire Williams | 5’7″, 140lbs | ATH | Cheltenham | C/O 2024


Ibrahim Sanogo | 6’2″, 210lbs | RB/DE | Academy Park | C/O 2022

A personal favorite of mine and an absolute menace on the field. Sanogo is a highly productive junior who impacts the game on both sides of the ball. So much so that I can see him excelling at either running back or OLB/DE at the next level, if he chooses to pursue and further his football career. Defense, specifically defensive end is where I like Sanogo the most. It’s also where I see him excelling. He times his get-offs and blitzes well when pass-rushing with his hand off the dirt. He brings down ball carriers with ease, showing he understands leverage and balance and how to use it against his opponents. He’s seen utilizing speed in almost all components of his game, not just pass-rushing around the edge, but specifically his hands and feet. Hands and feet are active and quick, making him a tough player to engage with. The kid is powerful too, he likes to beat you with an initial burst of speed then finish off his rush with power. He understands getting his hands up into passing lanes if he can’t win his rep. He breaks down well if unblocked in the backfield on zone-reads. He’s a TFL monster who seems to live in the backfield. He consistently flows with traffic and hits the hole often before backs do. He’s got a good first step against the run when upright in his linebacker stance. As far as offense goes, the kid is a bulldozer in the trenches thanks to his thick frame. His reps on defense provide solid vision when carrying the rock, cutting decisively in the backfield to exploit holes. He doesn’t dance, prefers a downhill style of running. His toughness puts him in constant pursuit of yardage no matter how little. This trait makes him an instant red-zone threat. He also shows impressive balance for his size. I would love to see what his hands are like and if he can produce at tight end as well!

Jordin Jones | 5’9″, 180lbs | ATH | Penn Wood | C/O 2022

Jordin Jones may be the best athlete on this list. Crazy to say we haven’t had him on the sight. Jones primarily toats the rock for Penn Wood but is utilized everywhere on the field. Inside or outside slot receiver, jet-sweep action pre-snap, trick plays, screen game, you name it, you can find Jordin Jones there for Penn Wood. Jones flashes track-star speed on outside zone runs where he doesn’t seem to lose a step moving laterally. His small, WR-like body frame allows for quick cuts which has helped him develop serious bounce-back ability. That home-run hitting speed has Penn Wood’s most versatile player racking up yards, accumulating 450+ yards in three games. His involvement in track and field has translated to football as he displays great short-area burst, quick change of direction ability as well as long speed to make sure he isn’t caught in long sprints to the endzone. I see a future at wideout at the next level so long as he continues to develop his hands. Did we mention he also provides reps at defensive back? He brings that same energy and athleticism on defense. He cleans up tackles well and is adept at shooting gaps and disrupting running lanes. Would love to see him develop on this side of the ball, if wideout isn’t an option, I would love to see how he can play at defensive back given he already has the awareness and athleticism needed to succeed at the position. We hope to continue watching Jones produce this Spring Season.

Julian Arthur | 6’0″ | WR | Norristown | C/O 2023

Julian Arthur is one prospect I would love to see get his hands on the football more often! The consistent, top-target for Norristown is as reliable a short to intermediate pass-catcher as they come. Arthur has come down with a ton of contested catches so far this season often in clutch situations which has helped coaches trust the young sophomore for an expanded role all over the field. Arthur excells as a kick returner for Norristown, where he shows wiggle and elusiveness in the open field. He’s a much tougher tackle in open space when he has field in front of him to gather up some speed. This leads me to believe that Arthur could elevate his production if targets can be found his way that aren’t hitches or slants. Nonetheless, Arthur does whatever is asked of him. His Hudl shows excellent effort when blocking and on special teams. Arthur also provides reps at defensive back where he has come up with timely play after timely play for Norristown. This kid has a ton of potential and he is surely someone we will continue to watch develop as his high school football career moves forward.

Ashton Clarkson | DB | Academy Park | C/O 2022

Here’s another Academy Park defender on this list. That brings the count to two and there could be more in the future. Big fan of this kid’s game. Opportunistic and disciplined. He isn’t tested through the air too often, so I would love to see how well he defends the pass. That being said, his Huld shows he likes to get physical with opponents at the catch-point. Clarkson seems to always be around lose-balls or turnovers, whether he’s causing them or not. Love this out of a defensive back who isn’t often tested, he finds a way to make an impact. His Hudl primarily displays how well of a backend, last-defense tackler he is for Academy Park. He’s a knifer that likes to lunge at the ball-carriers low body to make a tackle. This doesn’t always translate to the next level when undersized. We aren’t sure of Clarkson’s measurables. Ashton has peaked our interest as have teammates and fellow defensive backs Eric Willis and Anis Hunter Jr.

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