Posted On: 04/5/21 12:51 PM

There are many names in Iowa’s class of 2023 that need to be on your radar.  Take a look below to see what made them stand out as underclassmen.  These skill position players made a big splash during their Sophomore campaigns.  The sky’s the limit with the tools they possess and there is no slowing down their ascent.  

Nolan Mosier Nolan Mosier 6'4" | QB Davenport North | 2023 IA , Davenport North, hudl, Twitter

QB, 6’4, 220

Mosier demonstrates a tremendous amount of poise in the pocket, which is rare for any high school Quarterback, especially an underclassman.  He looks incredibly focused as he scans the field in his offense’s spread scheme.  Mosier has a timely release and throws his receivers open; he is unafraid to throw hard routes like field outs or deep corners.  He has a knack for keeping defenders away from the ball and keeping his targets from taking much contact.  Mosier showcases pinpoint accuracy on a consistent basis in the short game, on intermediate routes, and vertically downfield.  He can make a swing route look as crisp as a fade.  Mosier has a big arm and a release that looks effortless.  With the flick of a wrist he moves his team into scoring position, calmly showing off elite play and potential.

Jamison Patton Jamison Patton 6'1" | QB Roosevelt | 2023 IA , Roosevelt, hudl, Twitter

QB, 6’2, 185

There are so many elements to Patton’s game and he is as dangerous as they come in executing all of it.  Patton can pick apart a defense through the air, gash a defense on the ground, and take advantage out of the mesh on plays like zone read or RPO.  He is very cerebral in the moment and consistently makes good decisions that put his offense in a prime position to be successful.  Patton has a big arm and can accurately launch a ball downfield or zip it in right on target on an intermediate crossing pattern.  Patton is just as good throwing on the run, by design or scrambling, as he is hanging in the pocket.  The threat of his legs put opposing defenses in a bind; he is an elusive, elite athlete and playmaker who can pound the rock.  Whatever the call, Patton can flat out dominate.

Aidan McDermott Aidan McDermott 6'2" | DB Xavier | 2023 State IA , Xavier, hudl, Twitter

DB, 6’2, 180

McDermott is rangy and versatile as a Defensive Back; he patrols the entire field from a single high look as well as anyone or can play down to match up with an opposing offense’s best Wide Receiver.  From the middle of the field he does an excellent job of keeping everything in front of him and diagnosing quickly to break on a route or provide run support.  He cleans up the run really well, prevents big plays on the ground, and flies into the alley to make big hits on off-tackle plays.  In man coverage McDermott is technical when it comes to playing in reverse.  He does not allow opponents to outleverage him or be more physical.  McDermott opens his hips at the appropriate time and sticks with routes as they go vertical or through a change of direction.  He can plug into any scheme and excel.

Travain Donaldson Travain Donaldson 5'9" | RB West Burlington | 2023 IA , West Burlington, hudl, Twitter

RB, 5’10, 175

If a defense wants to be able to contain Donaldson they need to completely squeeze down gaps and clamp down on windows or he will make them pay.  Donaldson is so talented at taking a small seam or a little bit of daylight and maximizing a play.  He is dynamic lining up in his team’s Wildcat package and has the ability to pick up big chunks of yards on reads or direct snaps.  Donaldson is a patient runner on Inside and Outside Zone allowing blocks to set up before he makes a move and bursts into whatever daylight there is.  When space is limited Donaldson is physical and slippery.  He has a low center of gravity, big knee drive, and quick lateral cuts.  With more room to work Donaldson shows plenty of breakaway speed and shake that makes defenders miss in the open field for huge plays.

Shakur Wright Shakur Wright 6'2" | RB Waterloo East | 2023 IA , Waterloo East, hudl, Twitter

RB, 6’3, 200

Wright is a very talented ball carrier who excels between the tackles as a shifty, north-south, downhill back.  His timing from the backfield to the line of scrimmage is on point and he hits his running lanes with a burst of speed and a low shoulder.  Wright has a knack for running right over defenders when there isn’t any daylight and always falls forward or drags opponents to pick up hard earned extra yards.  He is a very physical back who thrives on contact and can plunge right into the heart of a defense with a lot of success.  In space Wright threatens with his physicality and then makes very quick cuts, changing direction explosively, to make defenders miss or slip off.  Once he breaks free beyond Linebacker depth he shows off top-notch straight line speed and is off to the races.

Keaten Bonderson Keaten Bonderson 6'0" | WR Gehlen Catholic | 2023 IA , Gehlen Catholic, hudl, Twitter

WR, 6’0, 160

Bonderson has strong hands, a huge catch radius, and possesses elite athleticism to be a factor in the passing game at any level of a defense.  His speed off the line of scrimmage and rapid acceleration into vertical routes makes him a big threat stretching the field.  Bonderson gets behind coverage and adjusts to the ball well when it is in the air.  He can also time jumps really well when catches are contested to grab balls over the top of defenders.  Bonderson also runs very crisp and impressive intermediate routes.  He is very fast through changes of direction and gets defenders to open their hips with smooth, sudden cuts.  Bonderson brings another element to his offense through the screen game.  He is so elusive after the catch and is excellent in space.  He is very difficult for a defense to account for.