Posted On: 04/6/21 1:28 PM

There are many names in Iowa’s class of 2023 that need to be on your radar.  Take a look below to see what made them stand out as underclassmen.  These skill position players made a big splash during their Sophomore campaigns.  The sky’s the limit with the tools they possess and there is no slowing down their ascent.  

Kaden Caspers, Lisbon, hudl, Twitter

RB, 5’7, 155

Caspers is an every down running back who has outstanding field vision and the moves to make life really hard on a defense.  He seems to know where defenders at the next level of the defense will be and avoids them as he gets beyond the line of scrimmage.  Caspers is also very twitchy and agile in between the tackles and often slips right off of defenders.  It is clear that Caspers understands the value of positive yards on such plays and makes sure he is north-south.  Caspers is very patient off-tackle and when space appears he plants his foot and gets downhill.  He is exceedingly difficult to defend in space and frequently makes defenders overcommit.  Caspers has the wherewithal to react at the last second with a cut or spin to keep defenders at bay and pick up extra yards.

Ethan Schoville, Denver, hudl, Twitter

FB, 6’1, 173

There is absolutely no hesitation in Schoville’s game; he sees space and bursts into it.  He is a hammer between the tackles and quite the ideal fit to his team’s Pistol Wing scheme.  Schoville attacks, does not avoid, and punishes defenders that get in his way.  He charges into gaps with square shoulders, a low center of gravity, and notably good sprint mechanics.  Schoville impresses most on contact.  He explodes right through defenders in close quarters.  In space Schoville does an excellent job of maintaining speed while making defenders miss with subtle cuts.  He often looks like he was shot out of a cannon through the A and B gaps and reaches Safety depth in the bat of an eye.  Schoville shows flashes of elite athleticism, especially when fighting for extra yards or the end zone. 

August Stock, PCM, hudl, Twitter

QB, 6’2, 185

Stock is a dual-threat Quarterback who keeps opposing defenses on their toes and capitalizes often using his superior athletic abilities.  Stock demonstrates a lot of maturity when throwing the ball.  He looks off coverage, throws vertical routes open, does not stare at his targets, and calmly makes decisions under pressure.  Stock has an impressive arm and hits teammates in stride regularly on a variety of routes.  When plays break down, for whatever reason, Stock can scramble and create as well as anyone.  He senses pressure and avoids defenders to break contain or step up into space.  If there is a throw to be made he will go for it, but is a major threat on the ground when he gets to space.  He is exceptionally elusive and slippery; Stock is very dangerous on reads and designed carries.

Blake Timmons Blake Timmons 5'11" | QB Solon | 2023 IA , Solon, hudl, Twitter

QB, 5’10, 175

Timmons does a great job operating the modern spread, especially in the mesh, and the threat of his legs often get Defensive Backs and Linebackers to bite on the run.  He can drop back and throw, but is downright impressive passing off of flash motion or play-action.  Defenders think he is reading a run key, but then pulls the ball and hits open targets in stride down the field.  Timmons does a great job of throwing on the run by design or out of necessity.  His mechanics are on point with a quick release, shoulders squared to targets, and a pass trajectory that matches the route he is throwing.  Timmons makes good decisions on plays like Zone Read and when his key tells him to keep the ball he thrives.  He is a patient runner who works off of blocks with shifty moves and noteworthy vision.

Walker Tart Walker Tart 6'2" | WR Dubuque | 2023 IA , Dubuque Senior, hudl, Twitter

WR, 6’2, 190

It is a real challenge to know how to match up with Tart; he is so fast and knows how to use his speed to threaten both vertically and underneath.  If coverage is tight Tart can stretch the field and get behind deep zones or win one on one battles and separate.  If coverage is backed off  he has a knack for making his opponent think he is going deep, but stopping on a dime while the defender is still in reverse.  His start-stop ability is impressive and as soon as he catches the ball he is accelerating into space to pick up more yards.  Tart has big play ability and there is a lot of value in just getting the ball in his hands.  He knows how to attack in between zones to sit and get open and often runs short, quick hitting routes.  His concentration on contested catches is great, as is his downfield blocking.

Lucci Fidone Lucci Fidone 5'6" | WR Lewis Central | 2023 IA , Lewis Central, hudl, Twitter

WR, 5’6, 140

Fidone can absolutely scoot and moves nimbly into his routes using his superior ability to accelerate to get open.  Regardless of his smaller stature Fidone is able to separate from coverage and stretch the field.  He adjusts well to the ball once it is in the air and has very impressive focus and body control.  Fidone can manipulate and redirect at full speed in order to make acrobatic catches that require a lot of athleticism.  There is a lot of value in having Fidone threaten deep with routes like a Post or Wheel.  The same is true for his use in the bubble and screen game.  Fidone does really well when he can catch the ball and set up behind blocks.  Be it other Receivers on a bubble or Linemen on a screen, Fidone is elusive behind larger bodies and evasive when opponents get a hand on him.