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Photo: Daniel Galarza-Dunedin High

Posted On: 04/30/21 6:20 AM

The Players corner is a series where I get to sit down and interview prospects in the Bay Area. It’s a fun way to get to know some of these players outside of just evaluating them. We at Prep Redzone Florida want to bring you all-access into these players, it’s important to get to know them as individuals and what makes them great on the field! This series will give you the ability to get under the helmet and see what makes these prospects click and gives you behind the scenes coverage. Galarza is one of the more underrated players in Tampa Bay, it seems like every year he goes out and performs at a high level. He is a smooth route runner, he never breaks speed on any routes which generates consistent separation. Has really good hands and speed. Shows the willingness to be a blocker despite his size. He made the All-State team last season and has produced throughout his career tallying 56 catches for 1026 yards and and 17 touchdowns in 3 seasons. 



Daniel Galarza (5’10, 170)


Talk about your junior season. What did you learn from it? 

My junior season much like a lot of high school football players was definitely difficult, with covid restricting our practices and taking away from the games we could have played it was definitely upsetting but in the end, it ultimately made me appreciate my coaches and players more as even though we lost games and practices due to it, it did lead to us being a more bonded team and although we didn’t have a great season the team and I made tremendous strides towards our goals. Coming off a good junior season one of the most important things I believe I have learned is to is to never take this sport for granted and to always play every down as if it were my last, this is something my coaches have also preached to me and something I will live by through out my senior year of football


You’ve been a very productive player for the last few seasons what was last seasons accolades and stats? 

All conference football team north

All state honorable mention

Total Receiving Yards 486

Average Receiving Yards 23.1

Catches 21

Total TDs 9

Games Played 7


Who is your biggest role model and guide in your life? 

My role model and someone I look up to the most would definitely be my father. My father has never had anything given to him and has never had it easy, yet he still manages to get up every day and works hard doing what needs to be done. In doing so he has taught me an invaluable lessen and that is that my will alone can overcome any adversary and dream alike. This is a mentality he has handed down to me and something that has separated me from the competition


 Biggest strengths in your game currently? What have you been doing this offseason to improve?

The biggest strength in my game right now is defiantly my mental strength and speed, being able to drive opponents downfield that are twice my size play after play while simultaneously being a downfield threat that requires extra attention from the other team is definitely something I am proud of.

This offseason my main focus was mostly to be able to build up my overall strength speed and stamina, while of course my route running and hands need improvement I feel that being able to make big blocks for the team could open up opportunities for plays to be made by myself my teammates

Talk about what it’s like to play for Coach Disney, and what your most excited about with this year’s team? 

Playing for coach Disney is definitely an experience worthwhile, from his comical wit to his loud outbursts he has always been a unique coach and one that I would not trade for any other. He has always been a coach that is upfront with his ideas and has never been one to put up with lack luster players while also always engaging and helping the players that do want to grow and get better whether it be as a player or just as a person. Coach Disney particularly has my upmost respect because he unlike the coaches before him signed up to a program that had driven itself into the ground and managed to completely 180 not only the organization itself but also managed to build an organization that gained an incredible amount support from its community which is something that 3 years ago, I couldn’t have even imagined.

As for this year’s team I am excited to see that we are finally wedging our way back into district play and along with that I am happy to say that the improvement in the weightroom has been something that I also am happy to see translate to the field, we have a lot of players who are bought in to this program this year and I think this is the year that Dunedin will finally be able to uphold the name it once had.

What is your favorite part of the game? What player do you model your game after? 

Personally, I cannot say that I have a single one part of the game that is my favorite, but rather the experience itself is something I could never walk away from. From building bonds as strong as family with people of various backgrounds to being able to learn something new every time you touch the field, or even just having a place where I can release any pent-up bad energy makes this game like no other.

I also could not say that I model my game after anyone in particular as I tend to try to consume and contain the best aspects of every player I manage to watch. I also do not wish to be like any other players, although I will always admit there will always be someone better than at what I do I believe that being able to analyze and conform my play style based on the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses will separate me from the competition

Personally, what is your ultimate goal with the game of football whether it be on the field or off of it?

My ultimate goal is to build my mental durability and strength, as I have said before I believe that being mentally tough can be the main contributing factor to overcoming adversity on and off the field, and in doing so not only will I be able to put myself in a good position in my life, but I will also be someone others can rely on and someone that hopefully others can look up to.