Posted On: 04/27/21 1:46 PM

The WCAC has been highly competitive this year but now only one team reigns supreme over all of the rest. The Gonzaga Purple Eagles have been a formidable force to their opponents this year, and the reason is because they have no weaknesses. On both sides of the ball they are not just solid, but they’re dominant. We will now take a look at a few of this program’s star players.


2022 6’1 215 LB  Jordan Schuler – Gonzaga

Jordan is lightning fast off the edge. There are few high school linebackers in the country that understand offensive schemes as well as Jordan, and he exemplifies this in his blitz timing and run defense. He also puts immense pressure on the quarterback, even when matched up with elite offensive linemen. Scouts and D1 programs everywhere should be watching Jordan Schuler closely, as he is sure to have another breakout season during the Fall.


2022 6’4 280 OL  Cam Wilson Cam Wilson 6'4" | OL Gonzaga | 2022 MD – Gonzaga

If you’re looking for an extremely effective offensive lineman then look no further than Cameron Wilson. Cam was unbelievably efficient in rush protection this Spring season, and he also has natural protective instincts.

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