Photo: Alex Mota N/A

Posted On: 04/6/21 6:35 PM

MARION, IA– We caught up with one of the top athletes in Iowa’s Class of 2023, Marion’s Alex Mota, who is a rising star out of the Cedar Rapids Area that every college coach should have on their radar.

Q: Introduce yourself to us, tell us about who you are as a football player, and what some of your hobbies are off the football field.

Mota: My name is Alex Mota, and I am a sophomore at Marion High School. I have been playing football since the second grade. I played one year of flag football & have played tackle football since the third grade. Some of my hobbies are off the field are Fishing and Hunting in the summer and hanging out with my friends and family.

Q: What do you love most about being an Athlete on the football field?

Mota: I love being and going wherever the football is going. I consider myself a ballhawk in that regard.

Q: Where are you at with recruiting, and what would be your elevator pitch to the coaches that may be reading this?

Mota: I am just starting to build connections with college coaches at this point as a sophomore. Mota currently holds one Division I offer from the Iowa State Cyclones.

Mota’s Elevator Pitch: 

Mota had this to say to the college coaches that might be reading.

“I will work harder than every other kid that I go up against.” I also take no days off when it comes to training, workouts, and am a student of the game that also takes my work in the classroom seriously.”

Q: What have your high school coaches told you are your biggest things you can work on during the offseason?

Mota: I have been working on my accuracy throwing the football and making strides on getting better on reads one thru three.

Q: Who are your biggest mentors when it comes to football?

Mota: My aunts, uncles, my high school coaches, my friends, and family have all been helpful mentors throughout my football path.

Q: What is your dream school?

Mota: Iowa State, Florida State, Iowa, and LSU.

Q: What do you play on majoring in when you get to college?

Mota: Engineering or Biology. Anything science-related.

Q: What position do you see yourself at the next level?

Mota: Wide Reciever or Defensive Back.

Q: What is the biggest thing you learned about yourself in your sophomore season at Marion, and what goals do you have for 2021?

Mota: Last season was a learning season for me to set the tone for 2021. One of the key things I learned was to find the ball a lot sooner. Our goal is to become a bigger family on the football field and have a chance to beat everyone in the WaMaC Conference.

Film Breakdown:

When you roll Mota’s film, you see a kid with a matching physicality level on both sides of the football. He is super quick and has a ton of shift in his step to create his own space with his legs. I love watching his arm strength go to work on throws inside 20 yards. He also has a rapid release that looks effortless. His versatility is off the charts no matter where you line him up on the football field. Mota is one of the top prospects in my eyes in Iowa’s Class of 2023 and will for sure be ranked in our next rankings update as one of the top five prospects in the state.