Posted On: 04/6/21 8:02 AM

Getting the chance to meet some of these up-and-coming athletes has been a highlight of my time with PrepRed Zone. My goal from day 1 has been to be a resource for them and help in any way possible. Due to my schedule, I was unable to get to any games this weekend, but I still wanted to give the young men as much exposure as I could. With that said, plenty of them have either tagged me on Twitter or sent me their highlights into my direct messages and I have reviewed their tape, halfway through the 2021 spring season. Here is the part 2 of my mid-season film review, part one can be seen here.

2023 Minooka quarterback Gavin Dooley (5’11” and 160lbs) @gavin_dooley

While not possessing the traditional quarterback size, Dooley makes up for it in different ways. He great throwing on the move, but that’s due to his very good footwork. Once again the solid footwork leads to accurate throws, Dooley’s pocket movement is more than impressive. He’s got the innate ability to know when to leave the pocket to buy himself extra time. A lot to like from the sophomore, his progression is one to watch.

2022 Marian Catholic offensive tackle Luke Dalton Luke Dalton 6'5" | OL Marian Central Catholic | 2022 IL (6’5” and 300lbs) @LukeDalton_

After seeing Dalton numerous times this offseason, what he’s been able to do this spring is not at all a surprise. He’s one of the best lineman in the state because of his technique. Dalton always keeps his feet moving, never becoming flat-footed or off-balance. He’s a road grating run blocker, once he locks on to a defender, they’re taking a ride. Dalton gets out in front as a lead blocker, showing his athleticism. Dalton has been an absolute monster so far in the spring.

2022 Metea Valley defensive tackle Jake Paulline (6’2” and 296lbs) @Jake_Paulline

It’s impressive seeing Paulline line up as an offensive tackle, his good feet allow him to do so even when he projects as a DT. A strong punch as a defender, the strength of the junior stands out. Paulline is nimble enough to make spin moves in a telephone box. He’s never going to put up prodigious tackle numbers, but Paulline occupies offensive linemen enough for his linebacker to clean up. A great defensive tackle prospect.

2022 Rich Township defensive end Derrick Parker Derrick Parker TE IL (6’3” and 245lbs) @DP2Different

The versatility stands out first and foremost, Parker is able to stand up and rush the quarterback but also drop back and play the pass. When he’s attacking offensive lineman, he bullies them with his speed/strength combo. When a lineman does hold up Parker, its not for long as he’s shown good ability to disengage from the blockers to make plays. His motor is relentless, never giving up on plays and often running them down on the backside. Very impressive showing for Parker so far.

2024 Neuqua Valley running back Silvano Spatafora (5’8” and 180lbs) @SilvanoSpatafo1

The young back so far this year has given up glimpses of his all-around running style, Spatafora can either run inside the tackles or break it outside. His vision shows bright when getting to the outside, using angles and a solid stiff arm to get him out there. When Spatafora has to move the pile, he’s got the leg drive to do it. He’s a guy that needs to be watched the next three years.

2022 Glenbard South defensive back Sam Scullion Sam Scullion 6'0" | LB Glenbard South High School | 2022 IL (6’ and 185lbs) @SamScullion4

Another guy that I knew what kind of skill set he had, I just needed to see it with pads for confirmation, Scullion is a player. He’s shown that no offensive tackle scares him off, his technique shines partly due to his speed going against guys that outweigh him. The motor has always been evident, but his awareness has stood out early in the year. I was pleasantly surprised to see Scullion doing the same things I saw him do during camps, a great half-year from him so far.

2022 Hinsdale South offensive tackle Joshua Sander (6’6” and 315lbs) @Jsander03

The massive tackle was another player who stood out during the camp season, Sander likes to take his opponents for rides. The upper-body strength combined with his impressive leg drive is a nightmare for opposing linemen. If you’re physically outmatched against Sander, he’s going to put you on the ground. If it’s an equal matchup, Sander’s technique and footwork stand out. I very much expected this kind of season from Sander.

2024 St. Charles North quarterback Jake Mettetal (5’11” and 175lbs) @jakemettetal

The JV quarterback is showing that when he gets moved up to varsity, he’s going to be a problem. His strong arm stands out, but what I wasn’t able to see during a workout I saw of him over the winter was the athleticism. Mettetal is a very good runner, who scrambles well, makes something out of nothing and can sling it when he gets out of the pocket. I like the upside for the freshman.

2024 Brookfield quarterback Diego Gutierrez (6’ and 173lbs) @DiegoGu89654875

Getting his feet wet as a freshman has seen Gutierrez giving glimpses of what’s to come. A very good athlete, who’s got great size, has shown a very strong arm this year. His touch is impressive while making very good decisions for a player his age. With three more years of football left in his high school career, Gutierrez is just scratching the surface of the player he will grow to be.

2022 Warren Township defensive lineman Kameron Shaw (6’ and 240lbs) @KameronShaw5

Playing out of position, Shaw mainly lines up in the middle of the Warren defense because of his speed and strength on the inside of their DL makes the most sense. He’ll eventually move to the outside of the line, but the versatility is impressive to move inside. Shaw disengages well from offensive lineman and is a very good tackler. He’s got great leg drive that I saw over the camp season, translating those skills over to the field. I really like what I’ve seen rom Shaw so far this year.