Posted On: 04/7/21 8:13 AM

Getting the chance to meet some of these up-and-coming athletes has been a highlight of my time with PrepRed Zone. My goal from day 1 has been to be a resource for them and help in any way possible. Due to my schedule, I was unable to get to any games this weekend, but I still wanted to give the young men as much exposure as I could. With that said, plenty of them have either tagged me on Twitter or sent me their highlights into my direct messages and I have reviewed their tape, halfway through the 2021 spring season. Here is the part 3 of my mid-season film review, part one can be looked at here and part two read here.

2022 Evergreen Park defensive back Michael Torres (5’10” and 175lbs) @MikeyTorres04

It’s always great seeing a cornerback that is active as a tackler and that’s exactly what Torres is. Extremely physical, he read plays well and makes quick decisions when he does. Torres arrives to plays it hard to get away from him as his tackling has great form. It’s great seeing Torres move around the field as well, he can play in the box, man up on the outside or be the last man as a safety. Solid early season tape from Torres.

2022 St. Viator linebacker Carson Eggebraten Carson Eggebraten 6'0" | LB Saint Viator | 2022 IL (6’ and 215lbs) @CEggebraten

The first thing that stood out was that the linebacker didn’t get fooled on plays designed to cause confusion for defenses, Eggebraten stayed disciplined in his responsibilities and ultimately made plays do to his patience. A very solid tackler, part of the patience shown was due to his ability to read plays well. Very good in coverage as well, Eggebraten has performed at a high level this spring.

2023 Hinsdale Central quarterback Ben Monahan (6’2” and 190lbs) @Ben12Monahan

A very quick motion from Monahan, one that gets the ball out very quickly from his hands. It seems like he just flicks his wrist and the ball is launched. Good arm strength that leads to a very catchable ball, he knows the pace needed to get the ball out to his receivers. A solid runner when he leaves the pocket, Monahan has a shown growth this spring.

2022 Glenbard North interior offensive lineman Paulie Robertson (6’2” and 295lbs) @PRobertson67

An absolute mauler, who is physical at the point to attack, using his strength to overpower defenders. The attitude is exactly what you’re looking for out of a lineman, the mean streak that you see many great ones have. Although Robertson is large, he’s got plenty of athleticism to get out on pull plays, being the lead blocker. When he’s not leading the way, getting to the second level is something Robertson does on a regular basis. Impressive mid-season tape from the interior lineman.

2022 Thornwood safety Saveon Brown Saveon Brown 6'0" | DB Thornwood | 2022 State IL (6’1” and 196lbs) @saenext

Over the offseason I saw Brown on multiple occasions, each one of them he was a standout and seeing his mid-year tape, it’s the same feeling. The speed is different with Brown, as it looks like he’s shot out of a cannon once he makes the read on a play. He takes very good angles to make tackles, and when he arrives, it’s with force. Good form also, as Brown tends to follow plays very well. A useful returner and receiver, Brown shows that he’s got solid hands to make plays when they come his way. His emergence is beginning.

2021 Reavis quarterback Brendan Keane (6’4” and 205lbs) @BrendanKeane24

There isn’t much wasted motion with Keane, he gets the ball out of his hands very quickly to his receiver who then have chances to make plays. What impressed me was the short to intermediate accuracy, inside 15-yards Keane is deadly accurate. He’s a capable runner, he’s able to get to the outside and make plays. A very solid season so far for Keane.

2022 Downers Grove South linebacker Noah Rapinchuk (6’2” and 205lbs) @NoahRapinchuk12

Not quite fast enough to play on the outside, Rapinchuk is a great fit in the middle of a defense. He shows good patience, while not over pursuing and getting out of his lanes. When the plays comes his way, Rapinchuk fills his gap well and is a sure tackler. He’s got great leg drive that stops ball carriers in their tracks, without getting extra yardage. A great start to his junior campaign.

2023 Nazareth athlete Justin Taylor (6’1” and 185lbs) @__justintaylor

As a whole team, Narazeth has been constantly rotating players, giving everyone a chance this spring to get some run. Even without the rotation, Taylor was going to get a lot of playing time due to his impressive skill set. He’s a dangerous kickoff returner, although he’s not on the back end all the time. Taylor, as a receiver, has very good hands and can get vertical after the catch. His route running is very technical as well. A solid tackler as a corner, Taylor is not afraid to come up and make plays. So far, a very good year for the underclassman.

2022 Maine South Linebacker / rush end Teddy Gianaris (6’2” and 230lbs) @TeddyGianaris

After seeing a massive performance from Gianaris live there wasn’t much I needed to see on tape. It was more of a confirmation that Gianaris is a beast off the edge, a relentless pass-rusher with a motor that doesn’t stop. A grinder who has a knack for making big plays, has impressive versatility to his game. Gianaris could end up as a rush OLB, or could add on 30 more pounds and put his hand in the dirt full time. Either way, I’d want him on my team.

2022 Thornwood defensive back Quintin Hale Quintin Hale 6'0" | DB Thornwood | 2022 IL (6’ and 185lbs) @QHale22

At the point of attack, Hale does a great job of jamming receivers, getting them off their timing and altering routes. He’s extremely quick in short bursts, possessing the recovery speed needed as a DB. Hale understands his assignments well and uses his size to his advantage. A solid tackler, so far his year Hale has had a very good season.