Photo: Josiah Donat

Posted On: 04/5/21 3:12 PM

Week 2 saw most of the teams in action facing a shortened week as almost every team played their game on Thursday instead of Friday due to the holiday weekend. That condensed week of practice didn’t impact the play of some of Wisconsin’s top college prospects on the offensive side of the football based on what the film and stat lines say. Today I want to dive into the film from these strong offensive performances and breakdown what each athlete has to offer the next level. Athletes remember, if you want to be included in these articles make sure you DM your HUDL highlights to myself or the Prep Redzone Wisconsin Twitter account. Now let’s get into the film!

Mason Herlitzke, ATH- La Crosse Central

Stat Line: 154 Yds Rushing, 105 Yds Passing, 3 Rushing TDs, 2 Passing TDs Mason’s Week Two Tape

Mason picked up in Week Two right where he left off in Week One. The junior finished with another impressive dual threat performance against a talented Holmen defense. Due to his athletic traits and frame I believe that Mason has the makings to become a dangerous slot receiver at the next level for a program in the D3- D2 range. Mason excels in tight spaces where acceleration, and quickness are king. It is on full display in his rushing attack from the QB position. As soon as he sees the lane he can go from standing to full speed in a matter of a couple steps. Once he gets into the open field it was just like I mentioned last week. There wasn’t a defender on the field that could keep up with his lateral agility making it very easy for him to make defenders miss. Mason has been on a tear to start the spring season. Make sure you check him out!

Darris Schuett Darris Schuett 5'11" | WR New Glarus/ Monticello | 2021 State WI , QB- New Glarus/ Monticello

Stat Line: 25/44 407 Yds Passing, 4 Passing TDs, 1 Rushing TD Darris’ Week Two Tape

Schuett has made the move to the full time starting QB this season for New Glarus and it couldn’t be going better for him, so far, as he currently leads the state in passing yards, and is tied for the lead in passing TDs. The Simpson College commit also makes an impact on the defensive side of the ball as well. As for his offensive performance, Darris has shown how much of a do it all athlete he can be. He has the next level athleticism to be a threat with his legs and his natural arm has allowed a simple transition to the position. Schuett doesn’t have a cannon, but he has the arm to get the ball down the field when he needs to and he has the accuracy to continuously dice up defenses on the short to intermediate routes. His natural athleticism also allows him to roll out and still deliver accurate passes while on the run. As I mentioned, Darris is already committed so this is more of a time to sit back and watch him and his receivers carve up defenses this spring.

Alexander Schmitz Alexander Schmitz 6'2" | WR Big Foot | 2022 State WI , WR- Big Foot

Stat Line: 4 Rec. 63 Yds Receiving, 1 Rec TD Alex’s Week Two Tape

I love seeing Alex coming into his own on the field. It was only four catches, but those four catches gave us a glimpse into how well he is developing and understanding his traits and tools. On his first catch in the film, the 6’2″ 175 lbs junior shows us that he has the straight line speed to stretch a defense and the ability to go up and over the defender to get the ball. Catch two showed us that he knows how to use that size to create some separation for his QB. If he can cross the DBs face he has the length to be able to box out the DB from the ball. The 4th catch let us get a glimpse of his ability to make the catch in traffic and the strong hands to hold onto it through the hit right as the ball arrives. I believe that Alex will be catching the eyes of the D2 level as he continues on this spring. I predicted he would be a breakout this spring and he is well on the way to doing that.

Chase Hanselman, WR- Neenah

Stat Line: 8 Rec. 79 Yds Receiving, 2 Rec TDs Chase’s Week Two Tape

I first came across Chase in week one when I was in attendance for his matchup vs Stevens Point. That was where I first saw the big play ability and it showed up again in his week two film. Chase has a nose for the endzone. He also has a knack for creating separation. On all his downfield receptions this week there is almost always a couple feet of separation between himself and the DB making an easy target for his QB. The quick glove of the INF shows up in his quick, late hands at the catch point too making it very hard for the DB to react before the ball is there. Hanselman is actually a Benedict University baseball commit, and I wouldn’t be shocked if the 6’1″ 185 lbs WR got the chance to be a two sport athlete there.

Konner Knauf Konner Knauf 5'10" | WR Edgerton | 2021 State WI , WR- Edgerton

Stat Line: 5 Rec. 56 Yds Receiving, 1 Rec TD. Bonus: 1 KO Return TD, 1 INT

It is quick film, but you can see what makes Konner the D1 level WR that earned him his offer and commitment to Dordt University. He is an exceptionally sharp route runner and is able to create consistent separation with it. Konner isn’t just a technician. He also showed this week he can go up and high point the ball, he isn’t afraid to lower the shoulder and pick up the tough yards after the catch, and he has D1 type speed to stretch the field and turn underneath receptions into big plays. All that is topped off with very soft hands that effortlessly haul in passes. I can’t wait to watch what Knauf does at the next level.

Matthew Grzybowski Matthew Grzybowski 5'9" | RB Bay Port | 2021 State WI , RB- Bay Port

Stat Line: 26 Carries, 160 Yds Rushing, 1 KO Return for 86 Yds, 5 Total TDs Matt’s Week Two Tape

This was an impressive week for the Sioux Falls commit. I was able to watch his opponent live in week one, and I can attest there is some strong talent in that unit. So, to see what he did in week two against them is very eye opening. Matt put all the traits on display in this week’s performance. The short area agility to make people miss in small areas is there. The long speed to take it to the house when he gets any sort of daylight. The physicality to break through arm tackles and lower the shoulder to go right through defenders as he falls forward. Lastly, the vision and patience to find the lane after his blocks set up and the acceleration to utilize those lanes. Sioux Falls has got a good looking back on the way in Grzybowski.

Darrin Lowney Darrin Lowney 6'1" | OL Superior | 2022 WI , OL/DL- Superior 

Darrin’s Week Two Tape

Darrin could have been included in either the offensive or defensive Top Performers articles because of his play in Week Two. His matchup against one of the top defenders in the state is what led to me deciding to go with the offensive side. For starters, the 6’1″ 275 lbs junior OG looks the part and plays it too. His play strength is evident as he easily tosses DL to the ground with just his initial punch. Darrin pairs that strength with the athleticism to not only slide and mirror pass rushers, but to also be able to reach defenders that are lined up well inside of his alignment in the run game. To take a quick glimpse at him on defense too, that strength and heavy hands show up there too as he had to consistently fight through double teams to make the plays that he did. Right now I’d say Lowney is for sure a D2 prospect with the potential for more. He is going to be must watch the rest of the season after this performance.

Max Stuhlmacher, OL/DL- Shorewood Messmer

Max’s Week Two Tape

The film is pretty short this week for Max, but I still wanted to get his name out there. I first was introduced to Max at The Line Showcase a few weeks back. Max actually ended up being one of the top players in his session and was included in my write up about the event. 6’1″ 275 lbs freshman is just starting to get experience on the varsity field, but what he is already showing on both sides of the line is very intriguing. I really liked him at center in his short cutups from this week. He easily drove IDL and LBs way off the line of scrimmage and showed some nastiness to him in his finishes. With over three and a half seasons of high school football still ahead of Max the sky is the limit. Definitely a name to highlight and keep track of over the next few of years.