Posted On: 06/21/22 5:28 PM

Because there are plenty of conferences and regions throughout the state, it’s very important to take the time to dive into each one specifically, and to dissect each team for what they are. This allows for no stones to be overturned, and for the talent to be properly mined throughout the state. In doing so, it’s also very easy to recognize the top player for each team, as well as the best players in each region as a whole. Below, we took the time to find the top players for each team within the Neuse region. While this region may not be the most talented in the state, it still contains some of the more underrated prospects, who are still worth a look.

Spring Creek- Dylan Davidson (FB)

Davidson may not be the fastest, strongest, or most athletic player on his team, but he appears to be one of the more valuable returning players for Spring Creek. As a fullback, he displays the ability to lead blocks for ball carriers with efficiency, as he plays with good leverage in his blocks, further creating space, and good running room. In addition to this, Davidson also

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