Posted On: 06/20/22 12:40 PM

Pass catchers have always been a hot commodity in the game of football, and they are only becoming more and more valuable as the years progress. For example, the past 3 draft classes have seemingly had the best receiving classes the NFL has ever seen. In addition to this, the level of receivers has also progressed dramatically at the college level of play as offenses have translated to even more pass dominant schemes. Regardless, the need for speed, length, size, quick footwork, and consistent hands has not changed. Below, you will see some of our additional favorites at the WR position who we feel are certainly on the rise.

Edward Coleman Edward Coleman 5'10" | WR Calvary Day | 2025 State GA - Calvary Day

One of the things that leaps off of the tape immediately when evaluating Coleman is his quick feet, twitch elusiveness, and ability to create separation. Not only does he stack defenders well, but he does a good job of getting in and out of his breaks with ease. His quick feet puts him in position to catch the ball with little competition, further putting him in place to make great plays after the catch. Coleman also does a great