Chris Norcross

Christopher, a young professional based out of Charlotte, NC has many years of experience with the game of football. He grew up in Newnan, Georgia, and as many Georgia natives would agree, football became part of his blood. He studied the game from the early stages of his childhood, and even played while he was in high school. During his undergraduate time at Liberty University, he began to further craft his love for the game as he worked within the football recruiting department. As a football recruiter, his responsibilities involved evaluating film, assisting with player personnel responsibilities, and assisting with prospect visits. This experience provided an opportunity for him to work for Wake Forest as a recruiter following his graduation of college. At Wake Forest, he would further hone his skills. All in all, the countless years of recruiting experience and knowledge of evaluating talent provided Christopher different opportunities to continue this career path in football. Despite this, he chose to best utilize his recruiting skills to further develop into a business professional, in which he now works as a National Accounts Recruiter for Pionear Recruiting. While doing so, his love and passion for the game of football will never burn out, so he has been excited about also being a part of PrepRedzone to give a fresh perspective from a football recruiting background.