Michael Knight

Michael Knight was born and raised here in Oklahoma and it will always be home. He's happily married and has a four-year old daughter, along with two great dogs. Michael went right to work out of high school and got into the media field. He has been covering high school football in Oklahoma for over a decade. Michael has experience in every phase of media. Whether it's audio, video or writing, Michael has done it when it comes to covering Oklahoma's high school programs. Michael is very excited to join the Prep Network and to continue to bring the absolute best coverage of Oklahoma high school football with Prep Redzone Oklahoma.

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Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson is a 2016 graduate from Deer Creek High School and a 2020 college graduate from Oklahoma State University where he received a degree in Sports Management. During his time at Oklahoma State, Jacob was a color commentator for a number of high school football teams and covered high school football recruiting in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and a number of other states along the east coast for the Blue 57 Scouting and Recruiting Company who focus on the psychological side of recruiting to give college coaches more in-depth scouting reports.

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